Join us this summer as we celebrate 25 years of lives changed & souls saved!

Bro. Bruce Frye

We are thrilled to have Bro. Bruce Fry singing for us during all 5 teen weeks. After years of performing on the club circuit and opening shows for Sawyer Brown, the Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Daniels and others, Bruce was unable to escape the nagging feeling that something was missing in his life. After being saved in 1998, he has used his incredible talents for the Lord, sharing the Gospel and encouraging others to live for God.

Bro. Frye's Website

The Walker Family

Evangelist Kevin L. Walker and his family will be joining us for combination week! The Walkers have been traveling the United States since 1990, singing Bluegrass Gospel music and reaching youth through their carnival events and KJV Bible preaching. In addition to the Walker family singing for us, Bro. Kevin Walker (aka Ranger Walker) will be preaching to the teens and Bro. KW Walker will be preaching to the juniors. And, yes, Champ the Smiling Trick Horse and Dixie Dawg will be there too!

Walker Family's Website

All-American Cookout

Each week, we'll also celebrate the anniversary with a delicious cookout.