Camp Weeks

Camp Weeks 2021

Teen Weeks

Teen Week was the first thing we had at Indian Creek, and Teen Weeks have continued to have a strong place in our schedule. Teenagers are exciting, full of life, crazy, and have a lot to offer. It is our desire and prayer to channel all of that energy into love and service for the Lord Jesus Christ! We pray and try to bring in the very best youth speakers (whom God is using) from around the country to challenge each teenager from the Word of God. We will have a power packed week with activities, sports, preaching, and devotion for the Lord. We really do desire (as the Psalmist said) to “shew His strength to this generation”! Teenagers are our future and we want to help prepare their hearts and minds for that future the Lord has for them!

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Junior Week

While the majority of our weeks are teen weeks, we want to have a week set aside exclusively for juniors. We truly believe that each child that comes should be treated just as importantly as a teenager, if not a little more special! Jesus said much about suffering the children to come unto Him, not to offend these little ones, and having the faith of a child. Therefore, we want to have a camp week for the kids, boys and girls, which would win the “smile of Christ” and truly please Him. We desire to make sure the kids are “Happy Campers”!

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Combo Week

Combination week is where we combine a week of teen camp with a week of junior camp. This design is mainly for the benefit of churches that have all lay or volunteer workers who can only get off of work for one week, or for those who desire to kill two birds with one stone. (Actually we want all birds to live!) You can come with your teens and juniors and see the Lord work in all of their hearts. What we expect from you is to have a few more workers that can split up and be with your junior group and your teen group. What you can expect from us is to work fervently to have two totally separate programs in one camp week. We strive to have all major sports, games, activities and preaching separate and specialized for each age group. Teens and juniors will eat, sleep and swim together, but the entire program will be separate, including the preaching which will take place in two separate tabernacles. It’s a full power packed week with a purpose!

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