About Us

Our Mission/Purpose

Our mission at Indian Creek is to “Know Him and Make Him Known.” To break that down a little further is to say we have a strong desire to evangelize the lost. We want everyone who comes on the camp property to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior. In addition to those who will be saved, we desire, as Daniel 12:3 states, to “turn many to righteousness.” We long to see God turn the hearts of those living in unrighteousness back to righteousness, and to see them have a super natural touch from Heaven, experiencing revival in their own heart and life. For those who have a walk with Christ, it is our desire that they will grow closer in their walk with Him.

We pray that God would unite each youth groups’ hearts together as one and that they would take that strong unity back to their local church and be “an example of the believers” as they encourage their church and pastor and reach out to their community with the gospel and the love of Christ!

We also believe that camp should be three things. First, as stated earlier, we should exalt Christ through the preaching of His Word, resulting in changed lives. Second, camp should be an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as well as the temptations, electronics, etc. In place of that, campers will see the beauty of the Lord through His creation and truly enjoy getting out in the woods, seeing the stars at night, running through a field during an activity, and just enjoying the outdoors. Third and finally, we want the campers to just have fun!!! We believe camp should be camp. Camp should not be Youth Conference or Christian School; camp should be camp. Thus, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars to ensure they have a good time and make a lot of good memories with their friends and youth group.

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Our Founders

The thought of our church having a camp began like this: Bro. Ron Kendall (a deacon at Shawnee Baptist Church) and his wife, Peggy, had a desire to somehow be involved in camp ministry because Bro. Kendall’s life had been touched and changed at a camp in his youth.

Bro. Kendall went to the (then) pastor of Shawnee Baptist Church, Bro. Lonnie Mattingly, and told him of his and his wife’s desire. He expressed that he was willing to buy a camp ground and supply the buildings and facilities if the church was willing to run the program and supply the staff for the camp. After looking at several pieces of property, one of our deacons discovered that a beautiful campground named “The Lickford Valley RV Park,” approximately 300 acres, was for sale. The two of them along with other staff looked at the property, and everyone was very impressed. Through much prayer Bro. Kendall purchased the campground. Bro. Mattingly asked Bro. Reno Likins to develop the camp program and to direct the camp. It was renamed “Indian Creek Baptist Camp” and was now in its birthing stage. We began to build buildings, recruit staff and a cook, and opened it up for churches to come. We had the first official week, Teen Week 1, in June of 1996, with approximately 140 campers from Shawnee Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, Lewis Avenue Baptist Church in Temperance, MI, and Berean Baptist Church in Adrian, MI, and thus Indian Creek Baptist Camp was born!

The camp has had a few changes in the camp director position, and each man has helped it stay true to its course and made major contributions, for which we are extremely grateful. Indian Creek would not be Indian Creek without all of the great churches that trust its leadership, program, and preaching and also entrust us to pray and impact their young people for the Lord Jesus Christ! So, to write the history of the camp we would have to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all the churches that have come through the years of Indian Creek Baptist Camp!

Bro. Ron & Mrs. Peggy Kendall

Our Leadership Team

Steve Frost
Steve Frost


Reno Likins
Reno Likins

Camp Advisor

Scott Roberts
Scott Roberts

Camp Director

Bruce Balduf
Bruce Balduf

Assistant Director

Camp Secretary

Erin Roberts

Our Code Of Conduct

  • No alcohol beverages, tobacco in any form, listening or watching electronic devices, fireworks, or weapons of any kind
  • No physical contact allowed between male and female campers
  • No clothing or accessories with inappropriate advertising
  • No hats or sunglasses in the tabernacle
  • Modest knee-length skirts, dresses, and skirt-appearing culottes
  • Modest tops and blouses.
  • Swimwear – modest one or two piece (no bikinis)
  • No sleeveless shirts or tank tops.
  • Modest knee-length shorts are allowed to be worn during the morning and afternoon activities
  • No jewelry (unless for medical identification purposes)
  • Swimwear – modest shorts, cut-offs, or trunks (no metal straps or bands due to damage on waterslides)
  • No physical contact with opposite sex
  • Proper dress code will be enforced with a smile
  • No boys around girl’s cabins and no girls around boy’s cabins
  • Obey dress code to and from swimming hole
  • Respect and obey all authority
  • Proper respect, involvement, and behavior in tabernacle and during competition
  • Parent or youth pastor will be responsible to find a way home for a young person who: a) Goes  to the swimming hole without a lifeguard on duty or when opposite sex is there. b) Any inappropriate behavior between boys and girls
  • Have a great week!